29 December 2012

Paracord Frenzy?

Lately I have been seeing a lot of posts around paracord bracelets, handles and other things you can do with this great 550 paracord. Keep in mind, I am not like some others that you have seen on the internet that have 50 types of bracelets and 35 different knot fashions. I have three!

These three are my "go-to" styles when someone says, "Ooooh! Make me one!" Because of the popular request, I was asked to post the pictures and info on my site. So here they are with a little blurb about each type.

The first is a single twist, single cord bracelet with a knot as a lock. It has approximately 7' of 550 Black paracord and as mentioned in the description, one piece.

The second, going from left to right, is a single cord as well but it is a half cobra knot. It has approximately 8' of 550 ACU paracord and a knot as a lock. Again, it is one solid piece.

The third, which was my first one, is the standard double cobra knot using a 12" piece of O.D. green 550 paracord as the center and approximately 10' of black 550 paracord. This is two pieces and can be created like the many you have seen with two colors and a plastic buckle latch as opposed to the knot as a lock.

That's it. Simple plain and easy. I have done many colors and several with buckles and several without. Both allow for adjustment if the size is wrong. I know you can create your own and there are many articles on just how to do that on the internet, but if you decide you would like to buy rather than build, I can assist.

They are bracelets (photographs above), necklaces, keychains, luggage tags and zipper pulls among other lanyards. Keep in mind, this is not my livelihood and profit is minimal.

Item prices are as follows:
$7 for double cobra
$5 for single cobra
$5 for single twist
plus $3 for shipping and handling

Ask for price breaks on more than five items. Shipping and handling is for up to five items. Six to 20 are $5 for shipping and handling.

If you are interested, either comment with your email address or email me.

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