18 March 2013

All Gooood?!

One movie that I enjoy from both a comedic aspect and a somewhat military aspect is "Inglorious Basterds". Yes, note the spelling and you will know I am referring to the movie from 2009 starring Brad Pitt as opposed to the original from 1978 starring Bo Svenson. I know you are now saying, from a military aspect? Yes. Although it is allegorical and definitely to be considered somewhat satirical, the point was it was all about getting the Nazis. Regardless if you agree or not, it is not the point of this post.

There are several phrases that I say just in a daily routine either to my friends or children. The one used most is when he is addressing the men and he states, "All Goooood?!"

This post is to let you know that my response is yes, I am good. Things are well here but very busy which is why I have been burning the late night candle and some of you get responses from me at strange hours, even the one I sent out the other night at 2:43am. I will continue to work on the blog and several other means of communication, including Google+, which I am still trying to figure out. I can still be found regularly on Twitter, even though I might be slow to respond or respond with a direct answer as opposed to a more friendly comment. I mean nothing by it, but am trying to sort things out on my end.

For those that are keeping tabs on social media interaction from me: Twitter, Facebook,, Wordpress are the main communique with Google+ and Glipho bringing up the rear. I don't think I am stretching it thin as one post usually posts to many outlets so it fits your needs.

That being said, I am working on another special guest post from yet another brilliant mind. I gave him a deadline of this coming saturday so I hope to have it posted soon after that. I am trying to write again, so hopefully I will finish this never-ending novel that I am writing and you will be able to read that as well.

What? Glad you asked. It is about a prepper who is a former CIA operative who has been trying to leave his past behind and spend time with his family. Not a far fetched novel but it is something in my brain. I don't know page length or when it will be done but the goal is 2013.

That's it for now. Don't forget to comment below or Tweet me.

Until then,
Use your instincts to survive.

11 March 2013

It's time to go...

For several months I have written my posts on I am thankful for all of the people that showed me how to work the site and those that encouraged me to write.

It is with only a little sadness that I am leaving Blogspot to move to Wordpress. The reason behind the move is because there are some things that Wordpress offers and Blogspot does not. It is not a bad thing and I will probably double post for a short period of time but then will eventually phase out the Blogspot site.

I would appreciate it if you would continue to follow me on the Wordpress site (

Thank you again and look forward to seeing you there. I think you will like the change. Feel free to comment on this or the other site.

Until then,
Use your instincts to survive

01 March 2013

Advice to Travelers

I had the luxury of being the last one off the plane the other day and decided to make use of the waiting time by talking to the Flight Attendants. Normally, this would be a short conversation but apparently the topic was intriguing. Preparedness.

It started when one of them mentioned an unintended overnight stay due to a storm front that recently came through. She also mentioned how several of them didn't bring a bag because this was to be a turn around and their last flight of the day. This caused them to dart for the local drug store for contact solutions, toothbrushes and toothpaste.

There were several comments on what would happen to the flip flop wearers if there had to be a water landing. The clencher was how all the attendants got together and decided that it would never happen again and they would each have an EveryDay Carry bag. Genius.

Understand that this comes on the heels of the Carnival Cruise ship, Triumph's, fiasco and people mentioning there are some things you cannot be prepared for.

I kind of disagree.

I carry an EDC almost everywhere, yes, almost everywhere I go. When I travel and I have to take a laptop with me, I rig my bag to fit within regulatory guidelines. Read TSA. I will give you a list of what's in my bag but you will have to read on before I do.

I responded to the cruise line's retort with one of my own: "MRE, toilet paper and purification tablets or straw would have been a great start." To which they replied, "I didn't think of those items".

As for the airline discussion, we discussed what the attendants carry and did a comparison of what I carry. I think we all had things to add to our bag we never thought about. Pretzels and peanuts only go so far. They wanted to hang out after the flight for more notes, but I was ready to get home so I declined.

NOTE: I am by no means great, or even good at preparedness and I make no claims to be. I am learning like the rest of you. I look for information and learn where I have gaps. I am amazed at the willingness of others to learn. I like it.

The question that beckons to be asked is: Do you have an EDC and will it be a good start should the need arise?

Let's compare:
  • Multi-tool without knife (can't carry knife on a plane but have a pack I slide into my bag when I am not flying that has a knife, a multi-tool with a knife, and torch lighter)
  • Safety matches (according to TSA a standard set of "bar" or book matches are acceptable)
  • Signaling mirror
  • Monocular - 6ounces lighter than old Simmons Binoculars
  • Bandana
  • Pre-made first-aid kit (Colghan)
  • Clif Bar (2)
  • Water purification tablets
  • Powdered lemonade to add to water
  • Survival playing cards
  • Knot cards
  • Small Silva Compass (going to switch to a button compass)
  • 20' paracord (in addition to the two bracelets of 10' each I wear)
  • Titanium Spork (life's little luxuries)
  • Medicine
  • Ibuprofen
  • Eye drops
  • Eyeglasses (I wear contacts so these are my backup)
  • Cash and a few gold coins
  • Charging cords for electronics
  • Flashlight - Looking for a small Faraday or good crank flashlight to replace this one
  • Extra batteries for flashlight
  • Waterproof case
  • Shemagh
  • Toothbrush
  • Extra underwear
  • Extra socks
  • Extra shirt
  • Extra clothing enclosed in a gallon zip top bag
  • Bottle for water or bottle of water (depends on travel plans)

I'm sure I am missing something but that would at least get someone started. The total additional weight without water is about 4lbs. It is a good trade-off especially since I'm already carrying an 8lb laptop.

I welcome your comments.

Until then,
Use your instincts to survive