17 November 2011

Trying Something New

I was listening to some great Podcasts this week during some VERY long drive times and some of the subjects were thought provoking. So I got to thinking about this blog.

Although I have tried before with a "bigger blog" (read Wordpress), it became overwhelming as there wasn't a good platform or subject to discuss. Now, I may go back to Wordpress at some point because it does have it's values. But in the mean time, I plan on updating "Using your Instinct to Survive" at least once a week even if it is just to say hello and I have nothing to say.

What does this mean to you? It means new content and great information from experts and occasional preppers.

Wait! Occasional Preppers?! How can you be an Occasional Prepper? An occasional prepper is someone that gets motivated based on news stories, media, natural events/disasters and want to do something. They have not made the decision as the "impending event" has not sunk in to their heads yet. In other words, "why the rush" or "what's the point?"

To these people as well as some newbie preppers, I am hoping to gather information and present it based on the experts (if anyone is really an expert on prepping and survival), news feeds, other blog posts, Twitter, Facebook, etc. The goal is to get the news out to those that need it and even convince the fence sitters to move one way or the other. In addition, the What's in it for me, I hope to motivate myself with some new ideas and plans going forward.

The basis or start will be from some things I picked up from Josh ( and Jack ( among other great resources from and These folks are a wealth of knowledge and are constantly challenging me to move in the right direction.

Your action item for today:
Check out the above websites as well as and See what you see and start moving TODAY!

Until then,

Use your Instincts to Survive!

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