19 November 2011

What Are You Preparing For?

In the words of Tim "the toolman" Taylor's fence looking neighbor Wilson, "Hidy Ho, Neighbor".

I am starting a little early by putting in a blog post between the last one and my normal Saturday deadline. The reason is, I have some great information from some on-line friends (read Twitter and Facebook).

Lately I have been really studying or watching and reading a Twitter hash tag called #preppertalk. I know, some of you already know what's coming and that's okay. Some of you understand what #preppertalk is and who organized it on Twitter, but I am going to repeat it because the rest of this blog goes a little deeper than just knowing how to search it out.

First off, @SurvivorJane ( organized #preppertalk into the Twitter community and for you Tweeps out there all you have to do is search on it. HOWEVER, for those that don't understand how to do that or even what the heck I am talking about, check out Josh Robbs (@GotPrep) video at and he will walk through searching and what #preppertalk is all about. Again, this is me letting the geniuses give you the information.

So to the meat of this post and it's first main point. I was reading a blog post from Self-Reliant Info. The information pertaining to the aforementioned subject was again, genius. He listed out "15 Tips to Get the Most Out of #Preppertalk Chats on Twitter" link here: In it he lists out the proper etiquette for reading #preppertalk tweets as well as getting the most out of this resource. Now I will be the first to admit, when I started on Twitter (@isurvivalist) I lurked like an eagle just waiting for a mouse to stick it's whisker out of a hole before I would jump into a conversation and reading this post showed me that this process is okay...for a while. But eventually you have to move beyond the lurking stage and start doing your part or adding some type of input to the community.

Although you don't always have to prove yourself, you do need to be prepared to site your sources. Sometimes the question that gets asked of me when I post an answer is "where did you find that" or "how do I do that". I am usually prepared to either post a link to my source or site where it can be found. There is sometimes the answer, as the title of the blog implies, of me using my instinct. That is not always a valid answer but an answer nonetheless. I also, have asked for the source to be sited and most of the time I get it, but there are a few that I don't. It is those that I am glad I am aware of before I blast my friends with as then I become the laughing stock and lose all credibility.

Second main point is more of the ACTION ITEM for this post. What are you preparing for? Not why are you preparing but what is the IMPENDING EVENT that you are hoping to be ready for should it happen? Economic Collapse, Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP), natural disaster, zombie apocalypse or maybe even Global Thermonuclear War (thank you WarGames). Although we try, we cannot be prepared for all of these. So determine what you are going to work on first and then you will be able to perform the next action item that will be listed in the next post. It may be winter that you are preparing for. I know some of the posts today were on just that subject: preparing for winter.

Your action item for today:
Determine what impending event are you preparing for. If you are NOT preparing for anything, then why not? What are you waiting for? Get started now.

Until then,

Use your Instincts to Survive!

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