03 January 2012


I thought we were going to have a cold Christmas based on the weather patterns, but when I turned on the weather report, I found it was going to be 70 degrees for several weeks. Imagine my surprise when I woke up to another high 60's day and by lunch time the temperature was in the low 50's. This has been the trend since early December. Now personally, I enjoy the cold weather. The briskness of it along with the rapid movement of wildlife as they forage to ensure they are prepared for a cold couple of days.

I was watching the finches and wrens this afternoon while I was cooking my lunch, and they were scurrying all over the ground gathering seeds and small bugs. As I watched them, I started to run through a mental list in my mind of how much food we had in the pantry and in storage. This, along with my physical list, put me at ease and I continued watching them get ready. The rain started to drizzle and it was as if some where saying, “five more minutes! I'm not ready!”

How many of us are saying the same thing? I know there are times when I sit back and feel accomplished about completing my preparation tasks for the week. On other days, I begin to freak out because I don't think I have done enough to provide for my family to provide for their well being, protection, and well-stocked food stores. So today, I just want you to review.

Review. Review for whatever disaster(s) you have been preparing for. Are your lists up to date? Do you have enough if the power is out for an evening, a day or a week? Or if you aren't preparing for a disaster, should you be? Take time to review what you have done thus far. There is nothing wrong with taking a moment to sit back to see what you have accomplished. It is also recommended practice to review periodically to determine if there are corrections or additions that need to be made in your preparations over the next three, six, nine and twelve months.

I want to keep this short this week and will probably also write a short post for next week. Take this time of year and review your inventory, what you are doing, or even what you feel you "should" be doing. It is during this time you may want to also broach the subject of preparedness with your family and friends.

Regardless of what you are doing during this time, have a great week!

Until then,

Use your instincts to survive!

Photo: Ratcliff

Special thanks to SelfReliantinfo

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