02 February 2013

Do Your Part?

I was going through a checklist several weeks ago and really started to feel overwhelmed. I had to check all the medical supplies, sanitation supplies, food storage and supplies, defense supplies, supply supplies and the list went on. Yes, I have them divided into sections but I decided to take a section and give it to someone else.

What do I mean? I mean, there is more than just me preparing for things. My spouse and children and even a couple of others that we have vowed to “save”. I am but one person and if something happens to me, then what? Until that day, everything would have fallen apart.

Now I have delegated some of the major tasks and asked them to start learning and if they have questions, ask me. Now my medical officer is learning what to store and why and is looking into taking a CPR class as well as Emergency First Aid.

My Security Officer, well second in command, is learning how to shoot efficiently and effectively as well as what to store and why.

The Food Storage officer is learning what else needs to be bought when they go to the store and what we are low on in order to build up the preps.

And again, the list goes on. 

However, this time we are all doing our part and we do cross tasks. No one takes the full weight of the task but they are the “officer” is the one responsible when we need something and it’s not there.

All I am saying is you are not alone. Delegate where you can or at least get someone to help you. It is not you against the world but the world against you and yours.

Short and sweet...kind of.

Until then,
Use your instincts to survive

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