22 February 2013

Point: Counter-Point -> Gun Ban Conspiracy Theory?

Some who personally know me, know that I do have some whack-a-doodle conspiracy theories. I don't deny it and many have proven to be true. I recently uncovered what I believe to be another while taking a "How well do you know the 2nd Amendment" quiz.

Below you will see the question asked and the correct answer. I'll admit I didn't know it by the evidence of the big red box.
But wait, there's more. So I did some investigating around Mr. Heller's latest complaint, or rather his second motion. They can be found on the Heller Foundation website.

What I found made my brain spin for a moment because, as the photo shows, Mr Heller wanted to use a Bushmaster XM-15-E2S as his example. I knew because of the police report at Sandy Hook this was the supposed weapon Adam Lanza used. I didn't know about William Spengler in Webster, NY or the specifics around John Allen Mohammed and Lee Boyd Malvo weapons. For the sake of this argument we will eliminate the last two as it occurred in 2002. They may still have bearing in this argument though.

HOWEVER, Mr. Heller, had two appointments regarding the gun ban. One on January 31, 2012 and then the post of June 29, 2012 which you see on the foundation website. Both of these appointments were prior to the December 14th and 24th killings using the same weapon. (You are starting to see where I am going)

The push for the gun ban continued to grow stronger near the election and the strongest just before the inauguration of our current president. There has always been controversy on what Adam Lanza supposedly used for his crime and Spengler set fire to the house where the weapon was supposedly found. How convenient.

I am all about letting people draw their own conclusions but this time, I'm just going to say it. The two incidents listed above had a mighty convenient tie-in to what is trying to push through for a gun ban. The Bushmaster is a good weapon, I won't argue that. There are many like it as well. My next statement/question may make me a target for harassment or something else, but I've got to say it. The question is, am I out of line for saying the two incidents had those weapons planted to push through another agenda?

That's where you have to draw the conclusion. Coincidentally, I scored 80% on the quiz because one was a judgement call and one I didn't see the "All of the above" answer.

Until then,
Use your instincts to survive

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