09 February 2013

Survival Instincts and other updates

I did not want a week to go by without giving you some updates including the latest venture and possible futures.

The latest was the decision to create a newspaper. I know, there are a lot of different papers out there and makes it easy to create one as a front end portal to all other articles and posts.

However, what makes Survival Instincts different is I am doing most of the work. What does that mean? A lot of papers are doing a good job of gathering information from other sources based on hashtags and pointing to different resources. With Survival Instincts I am doing the reading and researching of articles and posts to determine what I feel is best for the reader. This means that when you look at the paper you will see my name associated to many of the articles posted not for an egotistical boost but I think they serve the purpose which helps you, the reader, use your instincts to survive.

Check it out when you get the chance and let me know your thoughts either on the paper site or here.

I've been busy following, retweeting and mentioning on Twitter as well. Make sure you check out the #preppertalk hashtag. The #bushcraft and #survival hashtags provide great information for you too.

Regarding the future, we will continue going down the same path that we are going now. In addition, I am comparing blog sites to see if I need to move to provide more and better functionality for you, the reader. Another option is to use this as the main site and use the Tumbr account as a "micro-blog" for updates. No decision has been made at this time, so who knows.

Lastly, I want to just say THANK YOU. You are a great community and friends both virtual and physical. You have been great for a laugh and the tips you give are fantastic. I certainly couldn't have done this without you.

Until then, 
Use your instincts to survive

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